Braiding School

I have helped a number of people learn to braid reatas and hondos both through my video Four Strands of Rawhide and through my braiding schools. The schools are scheduled on an as-requested basis. They require a bit of lead time to assemble the materials and are kept small with just a couple students at a time.

My video Four Strands of Rawhide has been available since 2000. I filmed Four Strands of Rawhide with Bill Dorrance back in the mid 90’s … The film is a series of instructional sequences demonstrating the steps Bill used to braid a reata mixed with interviews of Bill telling a bit of his history and philosophy on horses, roping, and rawhide braiding.  The full two-DVD set is over 2 hours, but you can see a clip, below.

My original intention was to have the whole film be a documentary style chat with Bill telling his story. He said he would rather do something instructional that would “do some folks some good”, so we set out to do just that.

You can schedule a braiding school and/or order Four Strands of Rawhide from me by clicking here.  DVDs are also available at Jeremiah Watt Products, The Eclectic Horseman or Big Bend Saddlery.