For Sale

New batch of braided Rawhide Hondos

Notes:  These are the San Juan Style Hondos I learned to build from Bill Dorrance over 25 years ago.  These are not always in stock - I braid a batch when I have the time.  I used to offer these for sale at various retail shops, but now my Hondos are available only through me.  Made to fit a 5/16" or scant 3/8" rope.  $60 each, plus shipping.

4-strand Rawhide Reata, 75' long, scant 3/8" diameter

Notes:  I braided this reata in the winter of 2018... No splices, made from real quality string from a northern Red Angus hide.  This will make a great all-around using reata for a working circumstance.  New, not yet broken in.... $1,500 plus shipping

Custom-built, Luxus Model 11 Breech-loading Single-shot Rifle

Notes:  This rifle was custom-built for me in .375 H & H caliber.  The stock is exhibition walnut; the receiver is case-colored; the barrel is bright blue traditional hot-bluing, 26" long.  It has an external cocking mechanism on the right side; the breech opens by drawing on the the trigger guard.  It has a quarter rib with scope-ring slots and adjustable iron sites.  This rifle is an absolute tack-driver, with 300-gr Nosler round-nose bullets (monolithic solids or controlled-expansion.)  Private treaty.


Four Strands of Rawhide, by Randy Rieman and Bill Dorrance 

Notes:  This two-disc DVD set will take the viewer through all the necessary procedures involved in braiding a rawhide reata. The instructions are clear and concise, filled with the “little" details that make the big difference in a piece of quality cowboy gear.

This film is more than an instructional video. It is a rare opportunity to enjoy Bill Dorrance the masterful braider, teacher and horseman as he shares his stories and insights into rawhide braiding, roping, horses, and life. $130 plus shipping.


-Sold-  New 2017 Dan Mayer Saddle 

Notes:  15.5" Wade Tree, halfbreed Daisy stamp, single stirrup leathers, in-skirt rigging, Guadalajara horn, 12.5" x 4" cantle with Wade style Cheyenne roll. $5,000 plus shipping.


-Sold-  4-strand Rawhide Reata, 65' long, 5/16" diameter


Notes:  The hide I used to make this reata in May 2017 was very dense and made super hard string.   It'll be a bearcat to break in, but should hold its body well and last for years - ideal for roping light calves.  $1,500 plus shipping.

-Sold-  "Chewbacca" 2003 AQHA Buckskin Gelding, Reg# 4331225

Notes:  super gentle, user friendly 16+ hands high gelding, has been ridden for general ranch work and branding, can be trusted with novice riders.  Private treaty.